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I’m Lisa Brice


Equine Learning Specialist | NLP Master Trainer | Personal Performance & Leadership Coach | Qualified Trainer & Consultant

Lisa is a

'Difference Maker'

I’m passionate about facilitating insights and behavioural change. Whether it is working with the horses or in the classroom, I craft experiential activities to deliver highly impactful learning opportunities to raise self-awareness around core interpersonal and leadership skills. As a BHS Riding Instructress, Equine Learning Specialist, Master NLP Trainer and Qualified International Trainer & Coach with over 25 years of experience, I draw on an extensive repertoire of developmental approaches to deliver result focused learning experiences.

2024 Programme Dates

Join us for a special
NLP Diploma in Coaching

23rd – 26th April 2024
Pitsford, Northants, NN69BB
Investment – £1000+ vat

Join us for a special
NLP Business Practitioner

Module 1: 23rd – 26th April 2024
Module 2: 21st – 24th May 2024
Pitsford, Northants, NN69BB
Investment – £2000 + vat

Join us for a special
Introduction to NLP

6th February 2024
Virtual – On Zoom
Investment – £275 + vat

For more information about the programmes, please email

I run boutique programmes, with small group sizes, so that I can tailor the learning to individual learning outcomes and follow the interest of the group. The courses are held in my training room, which is in a picturesque barn conversion surrounded by open countryside. There are lots of opportunities to work outside and meet the horses and alpacas. I have a great caterer, who cooks delicious two-course lunches, which we eat all together sitting around the kitchen table.

How I Help

Passionate about Inspiring Excellence

In addition to running open programmes, I also deliver bespoke training programmes specifically designed to meet your identified business or personal objectives. I specialise in management, leadership, personal development, sales training and customer service programmes.

I have a passion for coaching and offer leadership and personal performance coaching on a one-to-one basis. I’ve developed my own corridor coaching model -bQUICK® Coaching, and written a book. I deliver coaching programmes, ranging from three-hour masterclasses through to four-day Diplomas, to support you to implement a coaching culture in your organisation.

Since 2002, my Horses for Courses® programmes have been using experiential equine facilitated learning techniques to improve business and personal performance by exploring people’s abilities to build rapport, lead, communicate, coach, negotiate, and influence.

In-House Training

In-House Training

Bespoke programmes tailored to your individual training needs to deliver tangible and sustainable business results.

Horses for Courses®

Horses for Courses®

Experiential Equine Assisted Learning experiences designed to raise your awareness of core interpersonal and leadership skills.



One-to-One Personal Performance and Leadership Coaching to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

NLP Qualifications

NLP Qualifications

Understand the structure of experience to enhance your relationship with yourself and with others.

One of my big passions is the diversity of my work. I travel all over the UK and the world, delivering learning and development programmes, and working with clients from all different backgrounds and cultures is a part of my job that I love.

When it comes to your training needs, I’m as flexible as you need me to be. If you’d prefer to have your training delivered in-house, I’ll travel to you. Or if you’d rather go off-site for your training, you can come to my own training venue in the heart of the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside.

My converted barn offers you a relaxed training environment, which is conducive to full body, experiential and brain-friendly learning. The gardens and paddocks make great breakout areas when the weather is good, and during the breaks, delegates often go for a walk to either visit the horses or our neighbouring alpacas. The training room is very versatile, and depending on the nature of the programme, we have the flexibility to work either with a boardroom style set up or more informally without tables.

Horses for Courses®

Horses for Courses®

Learn the art of leadership from the people whose survival depends on it!

Horses for Courses® uses experiential equine learning techniques to improve your business and relationships by exploring your abilities to build rapport, lead, communicate, coach, negotiate and influence.

We have a wealth of commercial expertise and we make sure the learning insights you will gain working with the horses is transferred directly into your business and workplace scenarios — delivering tangible and sustainable business results.

“There is something about the outside of a horse
that is good for the inside of a man.”
Winston Churchill

Insightful, inspiring, rewarding..great links to real life leadership situations .. thank you for a wonderfully fun and powerful day.

Thank you for a really great and memorable day. We have all been talking about it non-stop. The way you were able to blend your horse whispering skills with your leadership training was awe-inspiring. I know it will have a massive impact on our business.

The facilitators, both equine and human, were fantastic. I loved “the out of the box thinking”, which challenged my beliefs. The debrief session, with live business scenarios, gave me new strategies to handle some challenging business issues.

bQUICK® Coaching

Have you ever done this?

A colleague stops you in the corridor and asks “Have you got a minute? I just want to run something by you.” Your heart sinks, you’re rushing to your next meeting.

You feel torn between wanting to help and needing to be somewhere else. Your mind is already at your next meeting. You decide to help.

“OK what’s the problem?” you say. You half listen, and then you give them your best advice – tell them what they should do quickly, succinctly and move on.

And in some situations, with some people, that may have been a good call. However, often in these moments, we miss out on the amazing opportunity to develop and empower our people.

Using the bQUICK® Coaching model, you can combine awareness, intention, and skill to make a real difference in just a few highly focused moments in the corridor, at the coffee shop or on the computer.

When you choose to coach, you can quickly and easily tap into a myriad of business benefits that adopting a coaching style to your communications gives you.

Using the bQUICK® Coaching model will give you a simple structure to enable you to purposefully empower and grow your people, increasing engagement, accountability, learning, creativity and performance.

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The Old Dairy
Bunkers Hill Farm
Moulton Road
Northants NN69BB

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